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Grimeton Radio station building The Alexanderson VLF Alternator

SAQ, Grimeton Radio near Varberg, on the west coast of Sweden

SAQ, officially opened in July 1925 by King Gustaf V, was in commercial service slightly beyond WWII. The Royal Swedish Navy then needed SAQ for VLF traffic to submarines and remunerated the maintenance costs. However, the naval interest decreased and in 1995 the Swedish Telecom decided to close the station, still in perfect working order.

As people prepared themselves to listen to its last transmission, other people started a resistance movement. Interest to preserve the station increased and Grimeton Radio was soon listed as a national industrial monument. The station buildings, the Alexanderson alternator and the multiple tuned antenna system will be kept in working order. The next mission is to get the unique SAQ listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Point of contact is the SAQ web site with colour photos, tentative transmission schedules and information for those who wish to pay a visit to the station. The Varberg Tourism web site will inform on the cultural and other amenities of the town of Varberg. See links below. 

Visit to Grimeton Radio after the HF 04 conference

SAQ will be open for HF 04 participants on Saturday, August 14, between 13:00 and 15:00 Swedish local time and will transmit on dummy load at 14:00 (12:00 UTC). Refreshments will be available.

There will be no group travel, nor group tickets. This decision is based on previous HF 01 experience of not being able to synchronise wishes. Instead we suggest a few ways of travel. Please choose a route below according to your return travel from Gotland by ferry or by air. Also refer to our Travel info page.

Bookings from abroad
Sweden Booking ( sells train tickets (as well as ferry tickets), payment by credit card. Phone +46 498 203380 during office hours (08-18, Saturday 10-14), fax +46 498 203390. E-mail to Refer to "SAQ".

A formal advance registration is not needed. However, we would appreciate a short message to

- The Alexander Society wish you welcome to Grimeton!

Enjoy your visit,

Carl Walde

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