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The 12th Nordic HF Conference HF 19 with Longwave Symposium LW 19 is scheduled to be held on Fårö in the Baltic Sea north of Gotland, 12-14 August 2019. The previous conferences have all gathered a large international participation. Companies will also have the opportunity to exhibit their products.

The conference will be held at the Fårö training camp on the island of Fårö. Quarters are comfortable, but spartan, and shared rooms will allow participants to meet new friends. Companions are welcome, a nominal charge will be made for these and for stays on adjoining days. Week 32 in August 2019, before the conference week 33, is the Medieval Week on Gotland (see

We hope to meet you at Fårö near mother nature with an excellent conference theatre, an interesting exhibition and full internet access.

The official First Invitation and Call for Papers is planned for October 2018. Your submission of a paper will be much appreciated, so please prepare early!

       Please open/distribute: Preliminary First Invitation and Call for Papers - all details are not yet ready! [06-Sep-2018]

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