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Personal and amateur radio


        Ionospheric data can be found at the following web sites:
            North America:
The Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA)
            Northern Europe: The Swedish Institute of Space Physics
            Australia: IPS Radio and Space Services
        HFLINK - Global ALE High Frequency Network
Near-Real-Time MUF Map - How are the HF conditions right now?
        VOACAP, ICEPAC and Rec.533 for Windows can be obtained from NTIA/ITS.
            Thanks to Gregory Hand for maintaining this package which,
            without doubt, is the HF propagation prediction program.
        Guglielmo Marconi, the father of it all - hear his voice!
        Read about Enigma codebreaking, Colossus reconstruction and more on WW II Codes and Ciphers
        Read about the Invention of radio
        At the The association Alexander web site you can read about the UNESCO World Heritage listed Grimeton Radio
        (the only still operable Alexanderson LF transmitter in the world).


Gotland & Fårö

Links updated on 26-jun-2019

        Gotland info - a good place to start
        Gotland net - tourist information           
            Maps of Gotland and Visby
            The Fårö road ferry time table
                Videos on YouTube
            Fårö start page with local weather - Fårö island links (in Swedish)
Gute info - with some good maps and Gotland map with overlay information
        Region Gotland

        Medieval Week on Gotland - the week before HF 16 (7-14 August 2016) and every year in Visby!

        Fårö kursgård - the Nordic HF camp site (in Swedish).
            Camp layout on map: here!
Old video of the camp and surroundings - YouTube
        Accomodation in Sweden - Gotland
        GotlandsResor - Online bookings of travel and lodging, weekend packages, etc. (in Swedish)
For HF 19 travel links: See our special Travel info page!


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