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Information for Exhibitors

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Exhibition fee

There is no extra charge for use of an exhibition boot.


The Organizers require that the Exhibitor sign and return a copy of an Exhibition Confirmation paper (to be delivered later) to the Conference Secretariat as an acceptance of the terms stated in this document.


The exhibition grounds are located in proximity to the conference aula. Morning and afternoon coffee/tea will be served at the exhibition grounds, thus ensuring that the participants will come in easy contact with the exhibition, and the items on display. The Exhibitor will receive more information on exact placement of their boot.

Access to exhibtion grounds

The exhibition grounds are accessible from August 10, 08.00 (local time) to August 14, 12.00 (The conference itself is scheduled for August 11-13).
The following will be provided
free floor and wall space
tables and chairs
230 V, 50 Hz, max 10 A electric power.
In addition to this
the free spaces of the exhibition grounds will be cleaned daily
the outside area surrounding the exhibition grounds can be used if needed (e.g. for antennas)
Any other material for the display must be provided by the Exhibitor.

The display

The purpose of the exhibition is to present products in line with the objectives of the Conference.
The Exhibitor is responsible for
all material provided by the Exhibitor
set-up and removal of the display.


The Organizors cannot be held responsible for damage to, or loss of, exhibition material, howsoever caused. Exhibitors should therefore make their own insurance arrangements.


Outdoor surveillance of the exhibition grounds fall on the Organizers in cooperation with the Camp staff.

Shipment address

If the exhibition material is to be sent on beforehand, the following address shall be used .

    Hv Friv L (FBU Camp/HF 98)
    S-621 86 VISBY

Please contact the Conference Secretariat if you miss some information.

Updated February 2, 1998. Questions: Contact Håkan Bergzén