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Registration for HF 01

Authors and/or Participants are reminded to register not later than 18 May 2001

The normal conference fee, including full board and lodging, Monday evening to Friday morning, is SEK 9600:- (SEK 4800:- for students) + VAT when applicable, to be paid when invoiced or by credit card authorisation on this form. The conference fee includes full board and lodging on the FBU camp. For early arrival and/or late arrival, family members, etc, refer to additional information. If over-booked, priority will be given in order of payment. To cancel your previous registration, please send an e-mail to nordichf@aerotechtelub.se no later than 14 days before the event.

Two methods for registration from this web

Choose between:

Paper (Acrobat 4) registration form  Get  FREE Acrobat Reader

Please note that all credit card payments must use the Acrobat (paper) Registration form. Acrobat 4 users may easily fill it out on screen, print the finished form on paper and post or fax it to the address/fax no. printed on the form. You may use this method also for invoicing instead of the electronic form below. We accept the following major credit cards: EuroCard, MasterCard, VISA, or a Swedish bank card affiliated with one of these cards. We regret that no other cards are accepted by our bank. Please make sure that you have entered all fields accurately before posting/faxing this form. Normally, within a few days, you will receive a confirmation of your registration. Tip: Keep a copy of the printed form page for your own reference.

Electronic submission (HTML) registration form

Use this registration method (the form below) only with invoicing. It is not valid for credit card payments. Using this method, you will receive an invoice on the total amount with instructions on how to pay by bank transfer or cheque, etc.

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1. Overall registration information

I want to participate in HF 01

I have submitted an abstract for a paper for oral or poster presentation to be presented during the conference (Authors only)

I want an HF 01 participation scholarship (only applicable to full-time students at the post-graduate university level). Note: Application, supported by your professor, must be sent by post to: "HF 01 - Scholarship", AerotechTelub, SE-351 80 Växjö, Sweden.

I am a student eligble for the reduced conference fee. Note: Tutor statement must be sent by post to: "HF 01 - Student", AerotechTelub, SE-351 80 Växjö, Sweden.

I/we are interested in exhibition space and await to be contacted

I/we are interested in the visit to Grimeton Radio. Please choose: Own travel  Group travel
      Note: Not included in the conference fee. You will be contacted by the Varberg Tourist Office.

2. Address information  *) Denotes required data to be entered

           Your First name      Surname (Family name)
* * *

        Organisation: *

Postal address row 1: *
Postal address row 2: *
Postal address row 3: 
             Country: *
Telephone: *  Fax: 
E-mail address for confirmations: *
Radio amateur call sign (if any): 
VAT number:  1
1)  Note that Swedish VAT (+25%) will be added to the total order amount for orders within Sweden.
For orders within the EU (outside Sweden) the VAT will be added if no valid VAT number is entered here. 
Orders from non-EU countries will not be charged the VAT.

3. Accompanying family members (excluding myself)

Number of Adults:

Number of Children/Infants:   Children aged (years): ,,,  Infants aged (months): ,

4. Information on travel and lodging. Normal stay is Monday to Friday in the conference week.

Stay weekend (preliminary): No  Before conference  After conference  Before AND after conference

Arrival: Saturday  Sunday  Monday

Departure: Friday Saturday  Sunday

Bus shuttle:

Will use caravan (SEK 1800:- discount on the conference fee)

5. Message, special food requirements, pets, or other information you wish to include

7. Submit your registration

Please make sure that you have entered all fields accurately before submitting this form. Normally, within a few days, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. Tip: Make a printout of this page or the submit confirmation page for your own reference.

- Thank you for your registration !

- Wait for the confirmation page to appear on screen!

- Start all over!

Questions: Contact mailto.gif (96 bytes) nordichf@aerotechtelub.se