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Family members are welcome to all activities after 15.00

Tuesday morning

08.00 Flag Ceremony 
08.15 Conference Introduction by C-H Walde and Åke Blomquist
Propagation and Modelling  Session chairman: Bengt Lundborg

08.30-09.20 Ionospheric Propagation and Modelling for Modern HF Communication Systems by P S Cannon 
09.20-09.45 Modal Power Considerations in Modem Performance Evaluation by T J Willink 
09.45-10.15 Coffee, Tea 
10.15-10.40 HF Spectral Occupancy at High Latitudes by L Economou, P Green, G Gott, P Laycock, M Brös and S Boberg 
10.40-11.05 Modelling of Ionospheric Propagation in the HF band Using Neural Networks by C Özkaptan and E Tulunay 
11.05-11.30 HF Frequency Management by Q P Mordey 

11.30-13.00 Lunch

Tuesday afternoon

Equipment  Session chairman: Walter Reck

13.00-13.25 PostMan / Wireless TCP/IP - The Radio Link to Internet and HF Pager by T A Kneidel 
13.25-13.50 Low-Cost High-Efficiency HF Power Amplifiers by F H Raab 
14.00-14.25 Intelligent System Control for High Power HF Automatic Antenna Tuner by G Fagioli 
14.25-14.50 Half-Loop Antennas for HF Communications in ALE and Frequency Hopping by J-P Gouin and D Lafargue 

15.00-15.30 Coffee, Tea 
15.30-17.00 Sight-seeing Guides: Bengt Ahrnfelt, Sune Ljungberg and Lars Norrby 

Tuesday evening

Top-level key-note session  Chair: C-H Walde, founder of the HF series of conferences, Co-chair: Gunnar Eklund, cofounder

19.00  Speakers:  Lars Sonesson, Les W Barclay OBE, Thormod Bøe, and Richard C. Kirby
       The speakers have been asked to give their views on standardisation and frequency management issues.

In remembrance of Lars Bergman, a well-known Swedish frequency management specialist who recently, at the age of 77, passed away when on duty in Vilnius, Lithuania.

20.00-22.00 Exhibition Party with wine, beer and snacks in the exhibition halls 

Wednesday morning

Coding and Modulation  Session chairman: Lars Ahlin

08.00-08.25 High Data Rate Modem: Comparison of Serial and Parallel Waveforms for Shortwave Communications by A Kotlowski, A Brakemeier, B Mouy, M Coutolleau, P Vila and D Mérel 
08.25-08.50 An Implementation of STANAG 5066 Annex G Waveforms by J Nieto 
08.55-09.20 A 16,000 Bits Per Second High Data Rate HF Modem by N C Davies, R W Johnson and M B Jorgenson 
09.20-09.45 A Scaleable Burst HF Modem by M W Chamberlain, W N Furman and E M Leiby 
09.45-10.15 Coffee, Tea 
10.15-10.40 Stealthy HF Communications using OFDM by J E M Nilsson and T C Giles 
10.40-11.05 High Data Rate Communications Over HF Channels by S Elvy 
11.05-11.30 Low Bit Rate Voice Coding by M E Turner and M R Ismail 

11.30-13.00 Lunch

Wednesday afternoon

Modelling and Simulation  Session chairman: Paul Cannon

13.00-13.25 HF ALE Testbed and Standardization Issues by D P Roesler 
13.25-13.50 On an Ionospheric Channel Simulator Driven by Measurements of Multipath and Doppler Spread by M J Angling and N C Davies 
14.00-14.25 The High Latitude Performance and Availabilities of Robust and Non-Robust Modems Using Multiple Frequencies by V Jodalen, T Bergsvik, P S Cannon and P C Arthur 
14.25-14.50 Validation of a Multi-Dimensional Technique for Characterising the Performance of HF Modems, Using Channel Probes and Embedded Modem Transmissions by P L Cotterill and P C Arthur 

15.00-15.30 Coffee, Tea 
15.30-17.30 Fox hunt Gather in the lecture hall 

Wednesday evening

18.00  Before-dinner entertainment outside the restaurant to be enjoyed with exotic Gotland drinks!
19.00  Conference dinner
20.30  Entertainment in the conference theater
21.30  Conference dinner continues

Thursday morning

Protocols  Session chairman: Jens Zander

08.30-09.20 U.S. MIL-STD-141B Appendix C - A Unified 3rd generation HF Messaging Protocol by E Johnson, T Kenney, M Chamberlain, W Furman, E Koski, E Leiby and M Wadsworth 
09.20-09.45 Mobile Communications with STANAG 5066 by P Reynolds and D Clark 
09.45-10.15 Coffee, Tea 
10.15-10.40 STANAG 5066 - The World's First Implementation by P Marland 
10.40-11.05 Value Assessment of Automatic Link Maintenance in Modern HF Data Networks by C Redding and D Weddle   
11.05-11.30 Data Rate Change Algorithms for Maritime HF Subnetworks by M Street, G Kendrick, A Gillespie and S Trinder 

11.30-13.00 Lunch

Thursday afternoon

Networks and Systems  Session chairman: Olov Carlsson

13.00-13.25 SESAM - A Versatile Research Platform for Digital Wideband ESM Techniques by R Gustavsson 
13.25-13.50 The Need for Adaptive and Automated HF in the Swedish Defence by N Skoging 
13.50-14.15 Effectiveness of frequency adaptive systems by H Bergzén 
14.25-14.50 Managed Communications Networks by K Eddie 
14.50-15.15 Downsizing the Infrastructure for Mobile HF Voice and Data Communications Systems by B Dagås and K-A Markström 

15.15-15.30 Coffee, Tea 

Thursday evening

17.00  Dinner
20.00  Church concert followed by refreshments served in the vicar's garden

Friday morning

08.15  Bus departure to Visby airport
09.45  Bus departure to Visby airport and harbour

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