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Propagation and Modelling

Scandinavian DAMSON Measurements of Multipath and Doppler Characteristics over High Latitude HF Paths by B Lundborg, R Skartlien, V Jodalen, B Johanson, M Bröms, P S Cannon, M J Angling, N C Davies and K W Moreland

Signal Intensity in the Geometrical Optics Approximation for the Magnetised Ionosphere by A Västberg

Initial Results from the Kilpisjärvi Imaging Riometer System by S Browne, J K Hargreaves and B Honary

Middle and High Latitude HF Channel Assessment Campaign - Experimental Description and Initial Results by J Goodman, J Ballard, E Sharp, R Sasselli and T Luong

Wide Band Measurement and Modelling of the Ionospheric Channel by B Johansson

Study of the HF Channel with the View of the Use of Wideband Communication Techniques by L Van der Perre and A Van de Capelle

Commercial Products

MEDIAWARE/MICROWARE - Integration of HF Systems into a Global Multimedia Communications Network by R Lusk

A Highly Reliable LPI HF Communications System for Mobile Applications by A Vogt and H Denk

A Secure Radio Terminal by H Cornez

The Next Generation of HF Digital Radios by D Eassom

Panther-H, An Intelligent HF Frequency Hopper by N Massey

Modulation Techniques

Advances in High-Speed HF Radio Modem Design by S C Cook

A New HF Waveform for NATO RATT Systems by P D Reynolds and R LeFever

Criteria to Select Proper Modulation Schemes by A Brakemeier

Impact of Multipath on MFSK by G Carlson

Performance Comparison of Spread Spectrum Methods in an HF Interference Environment by G Andersson

Interference Robustness of Coded Spread Spectrum Signals for HF Communications by J E M Nilsson

Link Protocols

HF Link Management by O T Griffith

Error Free Data Delivery with HF Systems Utilizing the Proposed U.S. Federal Standard 1052 Data Link Protocol by W N Furman, W E Glase and C J Seymour

A Novel Decoding Method for FED-STD 1045A Based Systems by H Bergzén

A Novel Burst Transmission System - Analyses and Results by M Albinsson

Networks and Systems

HF Radio in the International Information Infrastructure by E E Johnson

Radio Station Remote Control by P J Wardle

Maritime Gateway: Extending Terrestrial Network Services over Radio Links by P D Reynolds

The HF=Datalink Project by K-A Markström, A Malaga and A Stratton

A Network Simulation Model for Adaptive HF Systems by J Laxmark

Assigning Power and Frequency to Links in HF Radio Network Using a Neural Network Approach by D Stranneby

Fully Automatic Transmission of Information via HF and Comparison to Satellite Transmission by P Iselt

Electronic Warfare

Radio Surveillance Enhancements by Means of Digital Signal Processing by K Pfaff

Description of a Laboratory Jammer for Automatic HF Systems by P Nilsson

Kvaser - Digital HF Receiver for Wideband Applications by F Oscarsson

ROBIAS: A Robust Information and Alarm System by W Schellenberg and W Reck


Regional Maps and Models of the Ionosphere over Europe by M Bröms and B Lundborg

European HF Occupancy Experiment by C A Pantjiaros, J A Wylie, G F Gott, P J Laycock and M Bröms