Papers presented at the HF 92 Conference

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Oblique sounding of the ionospheric channel by B Lundborg, M Bröms and H Derblom

Wideband modelling of the ionospheric channel by R Lindström

A computer system for ionospheric ray tracing by A Västberg

SIN, the Swedish ionosonde network by B Lundborg, C Jurén and O Klang

Studies of large scale waves in the atmosphere over Sweden by means of HF sounding of the ionosphere by C Jurén

Commercial Products

Designing for market acceptance by C Fejde

Digital signal processing in a modern HF equipment by E Pauk

Results from long distance trials with an adaptive HF radio system by D Borgmann

Modern image communications - requirements and solutions by D A Mehnert

Third generation HF link establishment and data transmission systems by W L Beamish

SMART NET - An adaptive HF system by D O Weddle

Adaptive HF Systems

U.S. standardization in HF automatic link establishment and network control by R T Adair

The application of automatic link establishment techniques by R T Adair, D F Peach and J R Katan

Channel characteristics for specification, design and evaluation of adaptive HF systems by O Carlsson

A method for evaluation of adaptive HF systems by H Bergzén

Modulation, Coding and Signal Processing

Implementation of convolutional coding in an HF frequency hopping system by P Lindblad and P Johansson

Generation of soft information in a frequency hopping HF radio system using neural networks by G Andersson and H Andersson

An efficient and simple diversity coding method by H Bergzén

ARTOR - an efficient and robust HF data modem using a hybrid-ARQ scheme by H Widmer, E Shearer and R Sommerhalder

Wideband HF receiver with digital quadrature splitting by F Oscarsson

Systems and Networks

Digital HF radio networks - architectures, transmission techniques and network protocols by J Lindner

Performance analysis in HF - communication networks using packet switching by J Lou and J Zander

Reliable data transmission and signal analysis in HF by F Jondral

CROSS FOX - Communication system for voice and message traffic by T Rasmussen

Interference and Frequency Management

HF spectral occupancy - a joint British/Swedish experiment by G F Gott, P J Laycock, S K Chan and C R Poole

Results from measurements of occupancy in Sweden by M Bröms

Bandwidth and range dependence of HF interference statistics by A Andersson

A practical approach to real-time evaluation of HF propagation conditions by K Nielsen