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Communication Needs

Defence HF radio communications by L Stenström

Navy HF communications by B Wahlberg

Wave Propagation

Electromagnetic pulse propagation through a stratified ionosphere by B Lundborg

CCIR shortwave propagation prediction methods by E Huuhka

CCIR shortwave field strength measurements by V Lehtoranta

Es-traces beyond MUF, chirp-sounder campaign 1989. Preliminary results by H Derblom, M Bröms, S Boberg, R Ullander and G Lejemo

Scientific radar systems in Scandinavia by Å Hedberg and H Derblom

HF radars - some possibilities and limitations by M Bröms

An investigation of the time-spread in over-dense meteor trails. A measuring system and some preliminary results by G Eriksson

Troposcatter data transmission tests at 30 MHz by K-G Forssén

Frequency Selection and Interference

Measurements of interference in the HF band in Sweden by M Bröms

Frequency assignments to frequency agile systems - An example by L Bergman and A Eklund

HF spectral occupancy and its impact on modem design by G F Gott

Modulation and coding

Experiments in meteor burst communication with variable data rate - A field trial by J Zander

Performance of error control methods on a frequency hopping HF channel with high bit error rate by L Ahlin

Results from on-the-air measurements of a single-tone modem performance by G Henriksson

Measurements on HF teletype radio links utilizing frequency diversity by L Pettersson

System Components

A new generation of lightweight transportable antennas by B Collins

A new generation of HF SSB power amplifiers by K-G Nygren

Robust low data rate message transmission over HF and its performance on real radio channels by E Burgisser

High-resolution color imagery over HF by M J Jaworski

A DSP implementation of a correlation FSK detector by A Lindblad

Systems and Networks

An HF radio network with synchronous adaptivity and packet transmission by O Carlsson

Packet switching in HF networks by J Zander

An automated adaptive HF data communication system and its performance on real radio channels by J Lindner

Remote diagnostics and system control by B Sjöbergh

Measurements on adaptive HF systems by H Bergzén

Two commercial HF systems in use by Swedish Telecom Radio by K-A Markström