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Invited Paper

Problem of digital speech communication over short-range HF paths by M Darnell

Communication Needs

Short-wave radio communication within Swedish defence by L Stenström

Endurance of future C3I systems by P Torphammar

STAR - A concept for a tactical command and control HF radio network for the Air Force by A Eklund

Wave Propagation

Sporadic E by H Derblom

Spread-F by H Derblom

Prediction and analysis programs for ionospheric propagation by M Bröms

Alternatives to HF communication by G Carlson

Meteor scatter communication by G Carlson

Propagation aspects on HF communications at sea by M Bröms

Concealed HF antennas by L Höök

Frequency Selection and Interference

Choise of HF frequencies for military services by L Bergman

Feasibility of intentional HF jamming by O Carlsson

Development of a computer-controlled adaptive HF system by A Albiin

ARTRAC - A system with automatic frequency selection by B Sjöbergh

Modulation and Coding

Measured bit error statistics on a FSK HF ionospheric channel by O Carlsson

Introduction of a HF frequency hopping system and its basic parameters by B Johansson

An experimental HF frequency hopping system by A Lindblad

The performance of a frequency hopping radio at HF by G Hedby

Spread spectrum adaptive communication to combat multipath environments by J Hjelmstad

System Components

A study of the radiation pattern of communication antennas on a scale ship model by A Vogel

Antenna pattern and gain for a HF rod antenna and a HF loop antenna on a missile vessel by L Höök

Measurement of the "antenna current" (common mode current) on the antenna feeder by P Wallander

Fast antenna tuners by J Christensen

Frequency exchange keying demodulator FS92 by B Sjöbergh

System Design, Integration and Control

Computerized control system - possibilities and limitations by U Arvidsson

Receiving system for digital burst transmission by H Blad

Meteor-burst communication - A possible complement to HF links? by P Myrbäck

Operational reliability - A quality to concentrate on by C-F Fredriksson

Integrated use of different transmission media in networks by B Nilsson

Additional Paper (belonging to the Communication Needs session)

Tactical SW networks - A possible system solution by H Thomsen