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  HF 22 Session Programme [23-Jul-2022]


(Jürgen Escher) Monday 15 August 08:00 – 10:00

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Ben A. Witvliet Ambient outdoor electromagnetic noise measurements in the conflicting perspective of spectrum planners and spectrum users 1.1
Lars Weberg Green power for HF in the field – A possibility? 1.2
Anders Svensson and
Leif Johansson
SDR for strategic COMINT applications 1.3 
Johan Lundqvist A MUSIC subspace algorithm applied to a legacy
3-channel Watson-Watt short wave DF system



(Danie van Wyk) Monday 15 August 10:30 – 12:00

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Alfons Sailer, Jürgen
Escher and Yehuda Eder
Direct sampling HF radio for next generation link setup “staring ALE” 2.1
Steve Kille Not using ALE for frequency selection 2.2
Rickard Berg,
Kennert Andersson and
Håkan Bergzén
Can staring ALE become a game changer in HF
military broadcast



(Rolf Gustavsson) Monday 15 August 13:30 – 15:00

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Karl-Arne Markström A generalised approach for performance evaluation of HF systems 3.1
Jean-Yves Bernier,
Bertrand Ravera and
Catherine Lamy-Bergot
HF-XL airborne trials over the Atlantic 3.2
William M. Batts,
William N. Furman and
John W. Nieto
A comparison of wideband high frequency data link protocol performance 3.3



(Harald Wickenhäuser) Tuesday 16 August 08:00 – 10:00

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Arnie Johansen An alternative approach to HF receiver architectures 4.1
Nathalie Haziza and
Jean-Yves Bernier
HF Red-Pitaya-based experimentation platform 4.2
Karl-Arne Markström Rise and fall of a major HF supplier – Standard Radio & Telefon AB 4.3



(Sue Trinder) Tuesday 16 August 10:30 – 12:00

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Germano Capela and
Eduardo Bolas
Systems engineering challenges for future NATO HF capability deployment 5.1
Jens Zander Multi-band channel aggregation in meshed wideband HF radio networks – Implementation aspects 5.2
Jouni Salmi Multihop functionality in cognitive networked HF



(Olov Carlsson) Tuesday 16 August 13:30 – 15:00

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Ben A. Witvliet Near Vertical Incidence Skywave – The propagation mechanism, the impact of antenna, backscatter and solar flares 6.1
Christopher Jeffery Development of a new HF tool that tracks covariance information for propagation studies through disturbed ionospheres 6.2
William N. Furman,
Richard Buckley and
Ryan Seeber
Application of machine learning techniques to HF
propagation prediction and deployment considerations in tactical HF radios



(Jens Zander) Wednesday 17 August 08:00 – 10:00

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Brandon T. Hunt,
David B. Haab,
Thomas Cameron Sego,
Tom V. Holschuh,
Hussein Moradi and
Behrouz Farhang-
Evaluation and comparison of a new robust waveform against direct sequence spread spectrum for HF 7.1
Mark Jorgenson Robust HF waveforms: Maintaining communications in challenging conditions 7.2
John W. Nieto,
William N. Furman and
William M. Batts
A comparison of published waveform design
techniques used for reliable HF communications
Danie van Wyk, Riekert
Jansen van Vuuren, Louis
van der Westhuizen and
Paul Zietsman
Performance of WB-RDL with 4G-ALE (WALE) for
wideband HF radio systems



(Karl-Arne Markström) Wednesday 17 August 10:30 – 12:00

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Harald Wickenhäuser Vertical antennas, an “old hat”? 8.1
Sambhav Malhotra and
Jens Zander
Portable/rapid deployment HF antennas for multi-band
channel aggregation systems


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