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(Vivianne Jodalen) Monday 12 August 08:00 – 09:45

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Sebastian Rauh, Robert Koch, Ewald Hedrich, Joerg Robert and Albert Heuberger Joint time-frequency spectrum usage analysis and modelling for the shortwave 1.1
Filip Enander On the realisability of HF communications from a very small flying platform 1.2
Chris Deacon, Ben Witvliet and Cathryn Mitchell Investigation of the polarisation of 50 MHz signals via sporadic-E reflection 1.3
William N. Furman, John W. Nieto and William M. Batts Evaluating the propagation characteristics of contiguous wideband channels 1.4




(Olov Carlsson) Monday 12 August 10:15 – 11:30

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E.M. Warrington, A.J. Stocker, D.R. Siddle, H.A.H. Al-Behadili, N.Y. Zaalov, F. Honary, N.C. Rogers, D.H. Boteler and D.W. Danskin HF radio propagation at high latitudes: Observations and predictions 2.1
Vivianne Jodalen and Terje Mikal Mjelde An investigation of space diversity at HF to obtain better linking probability under the disturbed high latitude ionosphere 2.2
Rickard Berg HF communications during a grand solar minimum 2.3




(Stefan Bayer) Monday 12 August 13:00 – 15:00

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Steve Kille Protocol architectures to efficiently deliver IP services over HF radio 3.1
Richard Hedlund Signal processing in an airborne avalanche victim localisation system operating on 457 kHz 3.2
Jean-Yves Bernier, Philippe Crambert, Catherine Lamy-Bergot and Jean-Luc Rogier Integration of IP services over high data rate HF capabilities 3.3
John W. Nieto and Daniel S. Metzger On-air test results of a wideband HF hybrid ARQ 3.4




(Rolf Gustavsson) Tuesday 13 August 08:00 – 09:45

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Rolf Folkesson and Karl-Arne Markström Performance limitations in HF communication systems composed of practical realisable hardware 4.1
Josep M. Maso, Joaquim Porte, Joan Lluis Pijoan and David Badia Internet of things communications for remote sensors in Antarctica using NVIS 4.2
Alfons Sailer and Jürgen Escher Next generation HF radio: Systems aspects enabling network centric C4I integration 4.3
Mark Jorgenson Building resiliency with HF networks 4.4




(Jonas von Mentzer) Tuesday 13 August 10:15 – 11:30

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William M. Batts, John W. Nieto and William N. Furman A comparison of automated link establishment techniques for wideband HF 5.1
Louis Higgs Pushing the boundaries: Achieving higher efficiency using low bandwidth links 5.2
Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, David B. Haab, Thomas V. Holschuh, Stephen A. Laraway, Hussein Moradi, Thomas Cameron Sego, and Taylor Sibbett Robust communications through HF skywave channels using a filter bank spread spectrum technique 5.3




(William Batts) Tuesday 13 August 13:00 – 15:00

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Harald Wickenhäuser A sufficiently accurate verification attempt of an active antenna’s K-factor using affordable measurement equipment 6.1
Adam Alenius and Lucas Wennerholm Realisation of antenna pattern measurement systems using unmanned aerial vehicles 6.2
Andrew Robb Near-field transition and ground plane effects on HF direction finding 6.3
Yehuda Eder Dual path direct sampling architecture 6.4




(Peter Stenumgaard) Wednesday 14 August 08:00 – 09:45

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Michael Puls and Jonas von Mentzer User experiences concerning military requirements and need of interoperability for military message handling in the range of HF communications 7.1
Arnie Johansen HF in the smart-phone age: Operational considerations of HF systems 7.2
Torbjörn Carlsson Deployment of HF radio for the European Union capacity building mission in the Republic of Niger 7.3





(Susan Trinder) Wednesday 14 August 10:15 – 11:30

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Karl-Arne Markström Overview of the renewed interest in intercontinental point-to-point HF circuits aimed at reducing latency in “high-frequency trading” stock market applications 8.1
Lars Weberg Wireless power transfer and the interference situation in the LF-HF bands 8.2
Peter Stenumgaard, Sara Linder and Henrik Olsson Interference impact from solar-panel systems on HF communications 8.3


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