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The 10th Nordic HF Conference HF 13, with embedded Longwave Symposium LW 13 for VLF/LF, and now also including limited to long-haul communication on VHF/UHF, is scheduled to be held on Fårö in the Baltic Sea north of Gotland, 12-14 August 2013. The previous conferences have all gathered a large international participation. Companies will also have the opportunity to exhibit their products.

The conference will be held at the Fårö training camp on the island of Fårö. Quarters are comfortable, but spartan, and shared rooms will allow participants to meet new friends. The conferencefee of SEK 12600 ex VAT (SEK 4200 for emeriti paying out of their own pockets and for students). It will include full board and lodging from Sunday afternoon 11 August to Wednesday afternoon 14 August. Companions are welcome; a nominal charge willbe made for these and for stays on adjoining days. Week 32 is the Gotland Medieval Week (; you may take part – it is their 30th anniversary.

We hope to meet you at Fårö near Mother Nature with an excellent conference theatre, an interesting exhibition and full Internet access. Participants are registered in order of invoice payment.

 HF 13 - Presentations

    Access to HF 13 presentations [22-Aug-2013]

 HF 13 - Invitation

     Final Conference Programme [09-Aug-2013]

A BLOS COMMS meeting will be held on Thursday 15 August at FMV TreVapen building in Stockholm
        (Note that this is only open for participants of this group),
          An HFIA meeting will be held on Friday 16 August at FMV TreVapen building in Stockholm.
        More information about these two meetings will be announced later.

 HF 13 - Registration is now closed [Updated 09-Aug-2013]

      Registration for the conference officially closed on 26 July 2013 with more than 100 participants.[Updated 09-Aug-2013]

     Registration is done by creating a “My Pages” account. Here is a step-by-step instruction.
         If you have problems or questions please contact the Secretariat through [04-Feb-2013]

     After having created a "My Pages" account it is possible to declare an interest in Exhibition space.

     The payment procedures for the HF 13 conference are now configured, and you may pay using your
         credit card via PayPal or request an invoice. Just log in to your HF 13 user account on My Pages and
         follow the payment links, after you have registered for the conference. [20-May-2013]

 HF 13 - Paper submission

     IND.GIF (124 bytes) Instructions for Authors and Speakers, updated for HF 13. [19-Mar-2013]
         Please download the Zip file that includes MS Word, RTF and PDF version of these instructions: 
        Zip file (To download, right-click and select Save Target As... from popup menu)

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