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The 8th Nordic HF conference, HF 07, is scheduled to be held on Fårö in the Baltic Sea north of Gotland, 14-16 August 2007. The previous conferences have all gathered a large international participation. Companies will also have the opportunity to exhibit their products.

The conference will be held at the Fårö kursgård camp on Fårö. Quarters are comfortable but simple, and shared quarters will allow participants to meet new friends. A conference fee of SEK 11600:- (SEK 5800:- for students) will be charged, including full board and lodging from Monday to Friday. Accompanying family members are welcome, and a nominal charge will be made for these. Transportation by regular ferries and airlines is available (not included in the conference fee). Participants are registered in the order of invoice payment.

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 HF 07 - Session Programme (final) [09-Aug-2007]


 HF 07 - Invitation

     pdf.gif (301 bytes) Final conference program [09-Aug-2007]

     pdf.gif (301 bytes) Final invitation and information [08-Aug-2007]

     pdf.gif (301 bytes) Invitation and provisional programme [03-Apr-2007]

 HF 07 - Registration is now open

    First learn How to register and log in at My Pages. Then, please register yourself to the conference.
    OR use this pdf.gif (301 bytes) PDF form to register to the conference - Fill it out on screen and print it [03-Apr-2007]


 HF 07 - Submission of Abstracts

     IND.GIF (124 bytes) Instructions for Authors and Speakers (
[23-Feb-2007] Updated for HF 07). Please view/download a file of your choice: 
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  HF 07 - First Information and Call for Papers
     pdf.gif (301 bytes) First Invitation and Call for Papers [18-Dec-2006]

HF 07 - Poster Invitation
     HF 07 - Poster Invitation

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