SNRV - Swedish National Committee of URSI

SNRV was founded in 1931 as the Swedish National Committee of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). There are corresponding committees in the other Nordic countries.

SNRV has 20 members and in addition about 125 co-opted members. The objective of SNRV is to encourage and promote education, research and development in the radio field. SNRV is responsible for the representation of Sweden in URSI.

The SNRV members are divided into sections in the same way as the URSI Commissions. Each section chairman is also the official Swedish representative of the corresponding URSI Commission.

SNRV and URSI are also in charge of arranging national and international conferences to spread scientific results and to make the radio scientific field a subject of debate.

NRS - Nordic Radio Society

The Nordic Radio Society within SNRV has the aim to contribute to development and increase of the radio technical competence by arranging or initiating various activities within the radio field.

In addition to arranging conferences a number of Seminars on special radio themes for a limited number of participants has been held. Moreover, Evening Meetings with invited guests have been arranged on radio topics.

NRS is thus a forum for contacts and exchange of information between experts, scientists, technicians and people engaged in development. The Nordic Radio Society works for exchange of knowledge between different technical disciplines and between university and radio industry.

The members of NRS represent SNRV, the radio industry, the defence and universities.