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Papers presented at the HF 98 Conference

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Propagation and Modelling

Ionospheric Propagation and Modelling for Modern HF Communication Systems by P S Cannon

Modal Power Considerations in Modem Performance Evaluation by T J Willink

HF Spectral Occupancy at High Latitude by M Bröms and G Gott

Modelling of Ionospheric Propagation in the HF band Using Neural Networks by C Özkaptan and E Tulunay

HF Frequency Management by Q P Mordey


PostMan / Wireless TCP/IP - The Radio Link to Internet and HF Pager by T A Kneidel

Low-Cost High-Efficiency HF Power Amplifiers by F H Raab

Intelligent System Control for High Power HF Automatic Antenna Tuner by G Fagioli

Loop Antennas for HF/ALE and Frequency Hopping Communications by D Lafargue

Coding and Modulation

High Data Rate Modem: Comparison of Serial and Parallel Waveforms for Shortwave Communications by A Kotlowski, A Brakemeier, B Mouy, M Coutolleau, P Vila and D Mérel

An Implementation of STANAG 5066 Annex G Waveforms by J Nieto

A 16,000 Bits Per Second High Data Rate HF Modem by N C Davies, R W Johnson and M B Jorgenson

A Scaleable Burst HF Modem by M W Chamberlain, W N Furman and E M Leiby

Stealthy HF Communications using OFDM by J E M Nilsson and T C Giles

High Data Rate Communications Over HF Channels by S Elvy

Low Bit Rate Voice Coding by M E Turner and M R Ismail

Modelling and Simulation

HF ALE Testbed and Standardization Issues by D P Roesler

On an Ionospheric Channel Simulator Driven by Measurements of Multipath and Doppler Spread by M J Angling and N C Davies

The High Latitude Performance and Availabilities of Robust and Non-Robust Modems Using Multiple Frequencies by V Jodalen, T Bergsvik, P S Cannon and P C Arthur

Validation of a Multi-Dimensional Technique for Characterising the Performance of HF Modems, Using Channel Probes and Embedded Modem Transmissions by P L Cotterill and P C Arthur

Link Protocols

U.S. MIL-STD-141B Appendix C - A Unified 3rd generation HF Messaging Protocol by E Johnson, T Kenney, M Chamberlain, W Furman, E Koski, E Leiby and M Wadsworth

Mobile Communications with STANAG 5066 by P Reynolds and D Clark

STANAG 5066 - The World's First Implementation by P Marland

Value Assessment of Automatic Link Maintenance in Modern HF Data Networks by C Redding and D Weddle

Data Rate Change Algorithms for Maritime HF Subnetworks by M Street, G Kendrick, A Gillespie and S Trinder

Networks and Systems

SESAM - A Versatile Research Platform for Digital Wideband ESM Techniques by R Gustavsson

The Need for Adaptive and Automated HF in the Swedish Defence by N Skoging

Effectiveness of frequency adaptive systems by H Bergzén

Managed Communications Networks by K Eddie

Downsizing the Infrastructure for Mobile HF Voice and Data Communications Systems by B Dagås and K-A Markström