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Instructions for Authors and Speakers

Letter to prospective authors

Please use one of the following templates when preparing your paper

The Instruction for Authors and Speakers text

Dear prospective author

Thank you for the submission of an abstract to the Nordic HF 98 conference. The Programme Committee has selected your abstract to be included in the preliminary programme and now requests a complete paper to be submitted for acceptance. The following schedule applies:

Print-quality paper to be received by Enator Communications not later than May 1

Review by the Programme Committee will take place on May 12

Suggestions, change of paper are to be incorporated not later than June 1

The attached Instructions for Authors and Speakers give information on the preparation of your paper (It is also intended to serve as a template for your paper). It is a self-extracting file including three identical files for WordPerfect for DOS (ifa.wp), Word2 for Windows (ifa2.doc) and Word6 for Windows (ifa6.doc) respectively. The Word6 file should be importable to Word for MacIntosh.

Submit the paper by e-mail to Mr. Hakan Bergzen (hakan.bergzen@enator.se), or (if this is not possible) by mail to:

The official conference language is English for papers and presentations.

Please confirm the reception of this e-mail message, with answers to the following questions:

1. Is e-mail correspondence acceptable to you?
2. Could you extract the attached Instructions for Authors and Speakers file?
3. Do you plan to submit your paper by e-mail?

The Conference Committee looks forward to meeting all authors and speakers at HF 98 for what promises to be a technically very interesting and successful conference.


Word 6/7 for Windows template (should also be importable to Word for MacIntosh)

Word 2 for Windows template

WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS template

Updated February 15, 1998. Questions: Contact Håkan Bergzén