How to get to Fårö and HF 13 by public transport - to be updated for HF 16 !

There are a few public bus connections (line 20) from Visby to Fårö church (very near the camp),
timetable (in Swedish only) to be found at (M-F = Monday-Friday, L = Saturday, S = Sunday).

On Sunday afternoon, we have organised courtesy HF 13 bus shuttle from Visby car ferry and Visby airport terminal.

Map layout of the camp (Swedish text only). From Fårö church ("FÅRÖ k:a") to the camp there is a short sort of footpath. 

If you get astray or delayed, please do not hesitate to call the camp +46 498 224133 ???, or HF 16 chairman: +46-70-515 94 67.


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